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We are now living with COVID-19 for almost two years. Lockdowns are no longer a novelty, and any assumptions we may have had about how the global pandemic would affect women, minorities, people of colour and the LGBTQ community requires to think again.

The pandemic far from being a great equalizer has pushed women not only out of the workplace but is also impacting them more significantly. As noted in the World Economic Forum’s report Women in the Workplace 2020, at the end of 2020, millions of women were considering leaving the workforce for good.

“1 in 4 women is contemplating what many would have considered unthinkable less than a year ago: downshifting their careers or leaving the workforce. This is a critical moment for corporate world. Companies risk losing women in leadership—and future women leaders—and unwinding years of painstaking progress toward gender diversity.”

Elsewhere, a UK report found that mothers were 1.5 times more likely than fathers to have either lost their job or quit since the lockdown started. Minorities and women of color are even more negatively impacted. The report states that “compared with women overall, Latinas are more likely to worry about layoffs and furloughs. And LGBTQ+ women are almost twice as likely as employees overall to cite mental health as one of their biggest challenges during Covid-19.”

Join this insightful Forum to learn about how you can improve on D&I conversations, with particular focus on:

– Why Pay Equity is Imperative to Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

– How the measurement of pay can help to ensure we move towards actual pay equity

– How do we ensure our D,I,&B program is heard and felt when people are working from anywhere or remotely?

… and many more

Speaking Faculty


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16:05 – Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging – Tara O’Sullivan, Chief Marketing Officer, Immedis

Tara O’Sullivan, CMO with Immedis will be leading this session – which includes a short presentation and a panel discussion. The main factors that we will be covering are:
– The reality about where we are on gender and age pay gaps
– The importance of ethnicity when talking about D,I & B
– Using data to impact the pay gap
– The value of gender and age diversification
– COVID setback for women, how do we reverse it
– How do we ensure our D,I,&B program is heard and felt when people are working from anywhere or remotely?

We will be looking at some of the standard reports that companies are using, whether legally required to, or not, to demonstrate their journey to closing the pay gap, and impacting Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging.

16:30 – How the measurement of pay can help to ensure we move towards actual pay equity – in conversation with Khady Gaye, Manager HR – Corporate, Global HR Leader, United Airlines and Tara O’Sullivan, Chief Marketing Officer, Immedis

Tara will be talking about age discrimination, gender discrimination and ethnic discrimination, and how the measurement of pay is central to get to true diversity, inclusion and belonging.

In August 2020, the SEC included HCM as a separate disclosure topic, which means that any programs around comp and benefits, talent acquisition and especially governance.

Businesses are developing policies to improve D+I in their organizations to improve their organization, as well as society as a whole.

So, with the new SEC requirements, as well as other legal requirements coming in countries such as the UK and Spain – how can companies demonstrate their D&I initiatives, to their own employees, potential employees, customers, investors and external influencers.

According to The World Economic Forum’s 2021 Global Gender Gap Report, as a result of the pandemic, the economic gender gap will now take 257 years to close. An addition of 55 years to the already eyepopping 202 years estimated in their 2019 Report.

17:00 – Panel Discussion Why Pay Equity is Imperative to Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

Facilitator: Tara O’Sullivan, Chief Marketing Officer, Immedis


– Felicia Cheek, Director, HCM Product Strategy, Oracle
– Melanie Pizzey, CEO, Global Payroll Association


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